Versapad Plus™ Module

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Control at Your Fingertips

The VersaPad Plus platform is Interlink's latest touchpad solution for rugged applications and harsh environments. Not only is it able to withstand extreme weather, gloved operation, and electromagnetic interference, the ultralow power VersaPad Plus also has the largest active surface area of any rugged touchpad on the market. The larger interactive area means more precise control and easier utilization of two-finger gestures, as well as extra real estate to include additional features like horizontal and vertical scroll zones and a right-click zone. The USB HID-class VersaPad Plus is also easy to implement, using the native operating system's built-in mouse drivers.

Key Features:

  • Largest active surface area of any rugged touchpad on the market
  • Compatible with stylus and bare or gloved fingers
  • Multi-touch functionality
  • Defined right-click and scroll zones
  • Drag edge lock
  • USB HID compliant